Hugh Pocock

There are several reasons why someone may need a fake doctors slip. Although many people like to be honest, sometimes you may need to be dishonest, in order to get ahead. Many people will choose to go to doctors if they need a note to miss work, but this service is not free. Going to a doctor may cost a co-pay, and this is money you have to pay out-of-pocket. Some may not even have to pay a co-pay, but they may have a limited amount of times that they can see a doctor for the year, and they have to pay if they go over the limit. Some need to see a doctor in order to get an excuse to miss work, but they cannot afford to pay for the doctor. Because doctors can be expensive, that's the main reason why some will choose to get a fraud doctors form. There are forms that can be found on the internet, and anyone can look through the templates available for a doctor's note. After looking through the templates, you can pick an example of a doctor's note, which is suitable for your particular situation. If you find a great sample of the scam doctors note, then take it.
Any forms for doctors notes that are found on the internet, can easily be printed off, and used as an excuse to get out of work. Although the forms may not be free, it still costs a lot less than going to a doctor and paying the co-pay. Even if you have health insurance, if you are limited to a certain number of fake physician visits, once you hit the limit, you'll end up paying for additional visits. Sometimes, you have to be just a little bit dishonest, in order to get what you need.
Most people who need a document from a phoney dr, have one reason or another for wanting it. 

We cannot judge anyone from liking to purchase a real doctors note because we cannot read through his intentions. Each of us has a personal need that isn't broadcasted to everyone.

63 Days, total weights-
Food and Drink: 511 lb 8 oz
Shit and Urine: 255 lb 4 oz
Energy: 253 lb 5 oz

My Food My Poop May 22nd- Aug 16th Contemporary Museum

Below is a recording of this project.